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[flip82] - Alive [flip82] - Alive

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well I can tell you it's not rock :)

Well I can tell you it's not rock :)
IT's a mix of, breakbeat/ambient/electronica.

Anyway. Some tips for you.
If I were you I'd put some effects on the kick and snare to make it have some more UMPHF!...If you know what I mean :). It doesn't have to be much but your percussion is kinda dull in this piece. I can hardly hear the kick drum.
Besides that if you shift every bass note to the "offbeat" it will sound much better. If you like it the way it is now then that's okay. Just sayin'.

Anyway, keep making music :) ...Hope you can use some of the things i wrote :)..Btw I'm from robosquid (I'll post in your music topic)

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flip82 responds:

Robosquid! Hai.

Thanks for the tips, too.

DJ Frosted - Another World DJ Frosted - Another World

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very nice :) but..:P

Hehe very nice man :)...Biiiig improvement...It starts very nicely and has a good beat and it has good variation...But then when it starts nearing the end it gets really repetive...You should make a song for variation and quality, not length...You did that but you got slobby in the end and made it 3 mintues long just to make it into a "real" song..Atleast that's my impression of it...Cus nothing new is seen in the end besides the 14 secs where you let the lead go out with 1 note playing in an echo like feel...

So to sum up. Variation is the key, some more breaks wont hurt..Fills are also very good, etc... Now remember that the start is great, you just gotta put some more candy on that tail ;)

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DJ-Frosted responds:

XD the tail :P thanks for the input man :D Also i made it longer cuz people are always complainign to make my songs longer lol

Reasoner- Where Do We Turn Reasoner- Where Do We Turn

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice mate :))

You've got some seriously good piano skillz man, I can't at all improvise with 2 hands so that's a big "wow" from my side..I can hear that it was a one take though cus it got a biit repetive but it's okay when it's live and impulsive..It's not perfect though so I won't give you 10 :P..But very nice indeed ;)..

Keep rockin' dah piano!

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Reasoner responds:

Thanks for the review. It does get repetitive, but I posted it here anyways just because it was something that I don't get to do too often when I feel inspired. Thanks for listening.

Reasoner- Champions Green Reasoner- Champions Green

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Superb :)

Now I hope this isn't an offence to you but this music is very similare to some building music like for the sims or simcity...Those games music isn't something I think WOOH PARTY of but they're calm and don't get boring to easily..I haven't played that much sims though my sister does with her speakers on..But anyway, you are overall a very very great composer and I hope you make an album or something in the near future that I could buy :)...Cus at that time I'm probably a pretty stressed out person who haven't slept in 5 days cus I needed to get ready for an exam for college :P.. If your cd is out there I'm so gonna buy it and get some stress relief :P...To sum up, great work, keep it coming, become a big composer :D.. cya around ;)

lea lea

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome quietness

I loved the piano and the bass and everything :D...Seriously it's VERY well done...The wierd thing is that I can't set any word on what kinda genre it fits for (like movie genre or game)..But whatever, it's a really nice song...Oh now it reminds me of baywatch somehow...wierd...cya around though ;)

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broove responds:

baywatch!? hahaha
I myself was thinking about a beach... at night... with a girl(s). Oh, wait.. it's baywatch already!

Thank you for review! ;)